Equipment Rentals‍‍‍

C‍‍‍ytek rents a full-line of meeting and presentation equipment. Plus we provide the expertise to ensure that the event is a success. Our staff will deliver, set-up, and operate the equipment if needed. You can also just pick it up at our Topeka location or we can drop it off. Our rental professionals will assist you, both over the phone and in person, to ensure your event or meeting has the technology so you presentation is presented professionally.


Technical support is available via phone and pager 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to insure proper equipment set-up and operation. On-site technicians are available. Please call for technician on-site rates.‍‍‍

Rental Policies‍‍‍

Cytek is eager to help make your next meeting, conference, or event a success. Ensuring that your visual and audio message is critical. Call one of our rental professionals, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Here is some of the information we need to make your event a success:  

*  The size and location of your audience

*  The media you seek to use – computer graphics, video, sound, etc.

*  The comfort level of the presenters‍‍‍

Rental Team

Chris Harvel
Rentals Supervisor

J‍‍‍ake Kinsch
Rentals Specialist

Shawn Smith
Rentals Specialist