About Us

Found in 1993,  Cytek Media Systems, Inc. has been providing the latest in audio/video equipment for schools, churches, government, and business organizations. Starting out in the 1970's as Centrex, Inc. the company was showing overhead projectors to schools and getting them interested in a new state-of-the-art computers by a company called Apple.

As organizations went from overhead projectors to LCD Projectors to Flat Screen monitors Cytek has kept up with the audio-visual technology.  Since 1993 Cytek has been working with VoIP for both video and voice technology. Because Cytek has been working with distance learning technology for over 25 years we are one of the leading experts in IP communications in the Midwest.  

Cytek has been instrumental in design and deployment of very large scale voice and video communication networks spanning multiple states. We maintain staff that is experienced in desktop systems including Apple Mac OSX, Windows Server and Windows Workstation OS’s, along with most Unix platforms including Linux and FreeBSD  Cytek also keeps experience staff with multiple mobile platforms including Apple iOS and Google Android.With salespersons in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas—Cytek is on the forefront of VoIP and IP video. Cytek is a distributor of professional audiovisual, video & presentation equipment, including distribution amplifiers, signal processors, microphones, speakers, projectors, cameras, & digital signage. Our company can assist your organization in accessing your needs, recommending the best solution, installing the equipment and support you after the sale.


Topeka, KS

Kansas City, MO

San Antonio, TX